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Over-production means waste. We don’t over-produce.

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  • Conventional businesses have to over-produce because they don’t know what is going to sell in what size. That means there is a lot of waste.
  • Far too many shoes are sold on mark-down. As a rule, the deeper the discount, the faster to landfill. Shoes are thrown out before they have worn out.
  • All this waste means higher prices.
  • This is why there is little real choice. Have you ever wondered why you can’t buy your footwear in that exact colour, or with an exciting print? The economics don’t work!

Old sneakers don’t need to be tossed in the trash. From Sam Howzit.

How do you offer real consumer choice without over production creating waste and adding to landfill? …THE greatest dilemma of the footwear industry!! And SPIRIT has solved it.

Let us tell you how……

We offer a small number of evergreen, iconic footwear styles, and we don’t print a design on our shoes until they are sold.

Using our patented environmentally friendly process you can design from over 250 million colours, 30,000+ customisable print patterns, upload your own image, choose your own text, design your own or any combination of these, or alternatively choose a design from our permanently growing library of original artwork.


Only leave your footprints

Doing the right thing

Spirit takes sustainability seriously. We go beyond dealing with waste:

  • Our Skater and High Top style uppers are RECYCLED polycanvas.
  • Our Sneaker uppers are recyclable vegan leather.
  • Our soles are made with renewable and recyclable rubber.
  • As new eco-friendly materials become available, we will use them.

TRUST needs to be earned over time. Our shoes are made to high specifications from a manufacturer with whom we have partnered for decades. We constantly audit them to ensure that they are adhering to the highest standards of production, worker safely and remuneration.

Spirit footwear makes shoes that are durable, not throw-away. We want our customers to wear our shoes for years.

Customised footwear takes a long time, right?


Spirit footwear is printed in our specialist print shop in the UK so we can offer fully customised and personalised footwear within hours.

Unlimited choice, no waste

Cutting out waste is the single most effective way to reduce the impact of footwear on the environment. We do what we can on materials too. Yet we provide unlimited choice



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